Thursday, December 9, 2010

Submission Guidelines

We’ve all dealt with rejection in one form or another – from peers, from love interests, from potential employers, from institutions of learning and from others. This site is devoted to those of us whose artwork ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor of "Covered." Rejected by Covered aims to save illustrations strewn in the trash after being labeled not good enough and giving them the audience they deserve.

When we started out all of our covers came from being Rejected by the Covered blog. For that reason we posted no submission guidelines. Unless the artist was Rejected for not following Covered's guidelines it would stand to reason all submitted Covers to our blog were coming to us in a standard size. Since the fall of Covered we've recently had a bevy of terrified would be submitters asking "What are the submission guidelines!?!?!?!" To ease potential night-sweats on your part I've copied and pasted COVERED's old submission guideline underneath our submission e-mail address.

They are good rules, so why not keep 'em around?

Please send all submissions to rejectcover (at) gmail (dot) com.

"I would prefer if you waited to post your cover on your own blog or another message board until its been posted on Covered. Once it’s on Covered for a second, feel free to post it wherever you would like as often as you like. I just want to avoid Covered being a destination for images that have already been all over the web.

Please don’t add extra information, like your website, to your cover image. I’ll provide a link to your site within the text. I’m trying to keep things as clean and about the covers as possible. Also, the file should be 72 dpi and between 12 and 15" high (30 - 40cm). Large files are good for print, but just makes extra work for me on a blog.

This is an all ages site, so keep that in mind. I don’t have a problem with nudity, but explicit sex would be a problem. The line is pretty liberal, but use your head.

It would make my job a lot easier if you could provide a link to the entry of the comic you have redrawn. That provides me with an image of the original cover, the credit for the original cover’s artist(s), as well as publisher and year of publication. I know it doesn’t take long to hunt down, but when you do a lot of these, all of these steps add up."

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  1. So it's Overlooked remix to Covered's Overclocked remix, eh? I'm interested. Now to make the rejected art...