Monday, February 14, 2011

Sean Hartter covers Hot Stuff, The Little Devil 32

Original cover artists unknown; Harvey Comics 1961. Sean Hartter's website is here.


  1. Happy (late) Valentine's Day, folks.

  2. Dear Sean:
    Hi, my name is Perry Zanett, and I, too, am a great fan of Hot Stuff, the Little Devil. In a 1973 issue of "Hot Stuff Sizzlers", in the opening panel of a story entitled "The Fork Wand", a wonderfully comically evil character named "Witch Devil" appears. Was this the character's only appearance? Is "Witch Devil" her actual name, or a title? Also, was Hot Stuff himself a horribly evil little boy who, upon his death, went to Hell, and later was allowed to live in the far end of The Enchanted Forest, the home as well of Casper, The Friendly Ghost, Wendy, The Good Little Witch, and all of the Harvey characters in their orbit? I hope that you can answer all of these questions for me! I can be reached at

  3. I like that cover and Hot stuff is my favorite character from harvey comics, I have around 100 of his comics on mi pc, I never heard about the character until the comic "casper and the spectrals", and i really liked this short tempered little devil plus I am pretty sure he is the son of a couple of devil, at least in casper and the spectrals he has parents, instead of being an orphan who lives with their uncles like in the old comics.(and similar to casper and wendy)

  4. I agree with you Dark Spiderman.

    Perry. Yes.