Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Th-th-th-that's all folks!

As of yesterday, Rejected by Covered is officially out of submissions! So, please, if you've had one of your covers rejected by Covered, please send it in.

JULY 01 UPDATE: I've received three more submissions. Thanks! Keep 'em comin'!


  1. That's all folks makes it sound like the blog is shutting down....
    Heaven Forbid!

  2. yeah. STAY TUNED would have served us better ;]

  3. No, it's not shutting down. But we need some more submissions! The more you submit to Covered, the more you're likely to be rejected!

  4. I was just trying to send you some stuff (by myself & Vlad Quigley, you might have seen us recently on repanelled) but it bounced back.
    please confirm your email address:)

  5. How about "Don't touch that dial!"

    Jason, thanks for letting me know. That e-mail address has a very small storage capacity, and I try to purge all of the e-mails regularly, but sometimes it gets filled up quickly. I'll clean it out now.

  6. YES. "Don't Touch That Dial" is perfect. and Jason, can't wait to see your REJECTED artwork.