Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anthony Vukojevich covers Elsewhere 1

Original by Joeseph Krejci; Starving Artist Press 1996. Anthony Vukojevich's site is here.


  1. I'm not familiar with this comic... but great cover, Anthony! Why was this rejected, exactly?

  2. It's actually a self-rejection. I'm doing a different version for Covered that I like a little better. Joe Krejci did this comic strip at my college and the self-published a few issues of the comic after school. He used to always have a booth near us at Comic-Con or APE. He's a pal of mine. Ironically, since he stopped doing his book, two other unrelated comics named Elsewhere have come out.

    The strip was about college being wild and crazy but never reached the highs or lows of Animal House. It was similar to a Bloom County or Liberty Meadows in tone (if not execution).