Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anthony Vukojevich covers Batman 15

Original by Jack Burnley; 1943 DC Comics.  Anthony Vukojevich's site is here.


  1. One of your best, Anthony! Awesome stuff. I really like that whole tropical island setting you added in the background. Beautiful.

  2. Thanks...when I saw the incongruity of the anti-gun Batman blasting away with a machine gun, I thought the only way to make it even stranger would be to change the setting to the War in the Pacific Islands.

  3. Didn't Batman shoot and kill someone in his first appearance? It'd be a lot more effective than putting the Joker in jail for the thousandth time.

  4. Ha ha. Nice, Anthony! Great cover choice. (I wish I would have thought of drawing this one.)

  5. Dude, this is your best cover yet!

    @Josh... I don't remember that, he may have.

    I remember seeing Batman disarm a gangster and using the gun to keep him in check back in the first wave of post Bob Kane stuff. And I saw an interview w/ the writer who was basically kicking himself for doing something that out of character on his 1st time writing the Bat-Man.

    but yeah, he should just shoot everybody. But then he'd be The Puisher.