Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Calvin Vankeersbilck covers Batman 2

Original cover by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson; DC 1940. Calvin Vankeersbilck's website is here.


  1. Very NICE! Great mix of old styles and new, sleek design! Way to art it!

  2. Haha this i great! I like the costume redesign.

    Idea for a new blog?

    REDESIGNED - wherein superhero costumes are reimagined.

    You heard it here first folks ;)

  3. I really like the new drawing! But that text on the bottom left is so hard to read. ugh. Oh well, small complaint. AWESOME rejected cover.

  4. Thanks a lot guys, it's really awesome to see this posted here. I was really excited about redesigning the costumes but I think that might have actually been the reason this got rejected.

    @joshuankahan: There actually is a costume redesign blog called project rooftop.

    @JB Sapienza: I agree the font didn't come out all that great. I kinda wish I had hand drawn it or went down a different route because I think that font just didn't work as well as I wanted.

    Anyways thanks a lot for the feedback everyone, it means a lot.

  5. it's mostly the color, but like I said small complaint. it's an awesome cover, and I'm happy that we were able to make a small chunk of the web to show it off.